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Antique Mediterranean area
  • Egypt
  • Phoenicia
  • Greece

Ships, described in the First section: 
  • The Egyptian trade ship 
  • The Egyptian marine trade ship 
  • The Egyptian military ship 
  • The ship of the Egey sea 
  • The Finikal trade ship 
  • The Finikal battle ship 
  • The Assiro-finikal trade ship 
  • The Assiro-finikal battle ship
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Ships, described in the Second section: 
  • The Greek birem 
  • The Greek trade ship 
  • The Roman birem 
  • The Roman tryrem (trier) 
  • The Roman trade ship 
  • The Roman panter 
  • The Roman galer 
  • The vessel of Etrusks
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Ships, described in the Third section:
  • The ship from Gokshtad (Drakar) 
  • The Norman shnekker 
  • The Norman knorr 
  • The ship of Conqueror 
  • The battle boat of Kyiv Rus' 
  • The dromon from Northern Europe 
  • The trade ship from Genoa 
  • The English merchant ship 
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Ships, described in the Fourth section: 
  • The ship of Richard III 
  • The kogg from Ganza 
  • The Danish military ship 
  • The French trade ship 
  • The ancient Chinese dzhonk 
  • The Mediterranean vesselp 
  • The Venetian cargoship 
  • Merchant ship of Northern Europe
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Ships, described in the Fifth section: 
  • Training four-mast barks
  • Three-mast bark
  • Training barketine
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Ships, described in the Sixth section:
  • Sailing-screw corvette
  • Sailing-motor schooners
  • Sailing-motor bott
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